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10 Most Popular Types of Roofing [Pictures]

Are you looking to redesign your house or build a brand-new home? If so, you’ll need to consider the different roof types that would work well for your residence. If you need a roof replacement or new roof materials, find out the critical details about installing a new roof below.

In particular, we focus on the roof shape when discussing the most popular roof types. Hire an experienced roofing contractor to review the roof style that will work best for your home. Are you ready to learn about the 10 most popular roof styles? Then, keep reading!

Dutch Gable Roof

The Dutch gable roof has an interesting design with four sloping sides. A gable roof sits on the top. Since this gable style roof originated in the Netherlands, it’s called Dutch gable.

The sloping roof provides more attic space than other styles. Gable roofing also safeguards your home from severe winds and storm damage. 

Dutch gable roofs have a triangular shape, and you’ll find them on farmhouses as well as traditional houses. Yet, the architectural style does have a modern feel.

Gambrel Roof

gambrel roof type on residential shed

Out of all the different types of roofs, the gambrel roof has a very classic design that you’ll find on barn roofs and shed roofs. The pitched roofs include two pitches and have plenty of attic space.

Why should you consider gambrel roofs for your current home, your shed roof, or future residences? 

Its many benefits include a timeless design symbolizing Colonial America, affordability due to the simple look, the easy-to-build pattern, and the greater headspace in the attic.

You’re sure to love this type of roof!

Mansard Roof

When picking your roof design, you will need to pick the right roofing material and the most attractive roof type. The mansard roof is a French-style roof type that looks very similar to gambrel roofs. 

The mansard roof sits on a low pitch and is a four-sided structure. That sets it apart from the dome roof. 

Regardless of roof shape, you’ll also need to decide whether to use asphalt shingles, wood shingles, clay tiles, or concrete tiles to build your home’s covering. 

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are a popular type for apartment buildings and condominiums. The typical flat roof has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Simple and affordable repairs
  • Lightweight roofing materials with the deck not requiring augmentation
  • Little risk of flooding and leaks from pipes
  • Roofing materials retain heat in the winter and reflect sunlight in the summer

The most common flat roof is made using a built-up roofing concept, which consists of an insulation board, asphalt, roofing felt, and gravel materials. 

Butterfly Roof

Architects interested in a more modern style often emphasize the beauty of the butterfly roof. Butterfly roofs have two sides that slope down and come together in the middle. The appearance of this type of roof looks like a “V” or a pair of butterfly wings.

This type of roof first appeared in Chile in the 1930s. The butterfly roofs are also wind resistant and promote rainwater drainage. Today, it looks like a very modern style or a minimalist architectural roof design. 

Front Gable Roof

front gable roof on house with front door

The front gable roof differs from the basic gable roof because it is placed in the front of the home. Generally, front doors are put right underneath the gable roofs. That style is becoming ever-more popular while having the classic Colonial-style design.

These types of gable roofs also differ from clipped gable roofs and the typical double gable roof. A clipped gable roof was cut off or clipped in a way that creates a lean-to roof design. The double gable roof has two gables that connect in the middle.

Metal Roof

The metal roofing system is all about the materials. That may include standing seam metal roofing material. The metal roofing material differs from traditional asphalt shingles since it has longer longevity, greater durability, and is more eco-friendly. 

The shape of the metal roofs can range from curved roofs and dome roofs to saltbox roofs and hip roofs. You will often see roof beams made out of metal in modern houses.

Jerkinhead Roof

Jerkinhead roofs have two different shapes mixed into one. The jerkinhead roof has features of gable roofs and traditional hip roofs. While the typical hip roof has an equal slope on all four sides, a jerkinhead shape has a clipped gable roof feature.

You can use a slate roof material when building a jerkinhead, as well as tiles, asphalt shingles, or wood shingles. The more traditional design also has wind resistance and a leak-proof covering for your home.   

Clerestory Roof

The clerestory roof has a vertical wall and several windows in a row sitting above the first portion of the roof. Clerestory roofs have two sloping sides. One side is above the row of windows, and one is below.

The best part of the roof type is that it provides natural light through the windows when standing in the attic. Unlike curved roofs, these types of roofs have sharp lines. Further, these roofs have better energy efficiency for the homes.

Pyramid Roof

pyramid roof type on home in residential neighborhood

Pyramid roofs come with four sloping slides that come together in the middle. These types of roofs are perfect for rainwater drainage, wind resistance, and a beneficial gutter design. The pyramid roof is a type of hip roof. 

The hip roof also has four sides that meet together at a ride and slope downward. Yet, the pyramid roof differs slightly from a hip roof due to the peak it forms.

Before You Go

So, what roof types do you like the most? Along with these popular designs, you can consider choosing the bonnet roof, the skillion roof, the hip and valley roof, the dormer roof, the saltbox roof, or a valley roof. You should also pick a good color, such as a blue or green roof color. 

Whether you choose a traditional hip roof, a clerestory roof, or the gambrel style for your shed roof, you’ll have your pick of the litter from these 10 popular options.

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