Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement? 3 Main Factors
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Should You Stay Home During a Roof Replacement? (Pros & Cons)

Most people wonder whether staying home is safe while their roofs are being replaced. A good roofing contractor can safely replace your home’s roof whether you are at home or not. Staying at home through the entire roof replacement depends mostly on how comfortable you are with it.

So, if you are asking yourself, “Should I stay home during roof replacement?” Here are a few factors you may want to consider.

Factors To Consider When Deciding To Stay Home During Roof Replacement

If you are considering staying at home during your home’s roofing project, there are three main factors to consider. They include:

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Comfort is a significant factor when considering whether to stay home during roof replacement. The process can be quite disruptive and noisy. 

Consult with your contractor and ask for a detailed work schedule to know when the noisiest and most disruptive work will occur. If getting the roof replaced at certain times of the day would be more disruptive due to noise, falling debris, or dust, you can make arrangements to be out of the house.

Safety and Mobility

Every roof replacement service takes place after several safety checks in your home. It’s highly likely that movement in and out of your home will be restricted, or you might find it hard to get your vehicle into your garage. 

The roof replacement process involves a wide range of equipment, so watch out for tool bags, roof sections, and, more importantly, workers as you move around your house or yard.

Kids and Pets

Children are particularly sensitive to irritating noises; thus, consider their comfort during roof replacement. Roofing debris is one of the most significant risks to your family’s well-being. You can take your pets to a friend’s house while your roof replacement is underway.

Advantages of Staying at Home During Roof Replacements

While staying home when roof replacement is underway may present several challenges, there are a few upsides to being home while your roof contractor renovates your roof.

Some advantages of staying at home through a full roof replacement include the following:

You Have a Chance To Oversee the Roofing Contractor

Most roofers can do the job just fine without close supervision, but they shouldn’t have a problem with you wanting to stick around while they get to it. Staying at home helps ensure the contractor sticks to the agreed work schedule. They will also feel compelled to be at their best knowing you’re around watching them.

Staying at home allows you to ask the workers any questions you have. You can also be there to resolve any issues that may come up. If you’re not home, you may not know of problems until it’s too late to do anything about them.

It’s Considerably Cheaper

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Cost is one of the reasons most homeowners choose to stay home through roof replacement. It’s understandable because roof replacements and repairs are likely a big investment in the homeowner’s life. You may not want to incur more expenses by spending additional money on accommodation.

It’s More Convenient

Staying home may be more convenient than finding alternative accommodation. For instance, when moving out, you’ll need to pack most of your items and endure the hassle of transporting them and settling at a new place. You could avoid all this inconvenience and stress by staying home while your contractor replaces your roof.

Also, moving from home may inconvenience your access to work and your children’s access to school. If you can put up with the noise and safety issues around staying at home, then you won’t have to change much due to a roof replacement service.

You Can Keep a Watchful Eye on You Home and Belongings

During roof replacement, you’ll have your hands full with the necessary preparations in your home. Workers will move in and out, and if you have expensive materials and equipment stored on your property, it can be difficult to keep an eye on everything and ensure your materials are safe if you’re away at a friend’s house.

Additionally, you can’t carry everything with you even if you decide to move out of your home during the roof replacement. You’ll leave some of your belongings at home hence the need to guarantee the safety of all your items.

Staying at home allows you to keep a watchful eye on your home and belongings. With many people entering your compound, there is a higher risk of theft or damage to your property without proper supervision.

Disadvantages of Staying at Home During a Roofing Service

Staying at home while your old roof gets replaced can be stressful. You’ll have to endure the loud noises and the danger of getting injured by debris. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the most significant downsides to staying home during a roof service:

Irritating Loud Noise

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Noise pollution is one of the main irritations you will have to put up with during roof replacement. The constant banging during roof replacement is off-putting and sometimes unbearable. 

You can try to schedule the roof replacement when you won’t be bothered by all the noise. For example, if you work from home, you can schedule the roof replacement at a time when you can take a break from work and won’t be distracted by the noise.

Multiple Safety risks

It might not be safe for you, your children, or your pets to stay home while roof replacement or repair is underway. Parts of your home may be in good condition, but you may need extra protection when getting in and out of your home during the replacement process. 

You might consider wearing a hard hat while making your way to the more livable part of your house to reduce the risk of injury from falling debris.

It May Be Colder

The roof and roofing materials are critical in maintaining room temperature in your home. During roof replacement on your property, the rooms will get colder, especially if the repairs occur during the colder months or if part of your roof has been left open overnight.

Ensure Your Safety as You Get Your Roof Replaced

Should I stay home during roof replacement? Whether or not you’ll be staying in your home during roof repair, it should not pose any significant danger to you or any of your family members.

Hiring the right roofer is among the most critical aspects of getting professional roof replacement that gives you the freedom to stay or leave home during repairs. If you decide to stay at home during the roof replacement, consult with your contractor about the safety measures you should take.

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