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Timeline for Replacing the Siding on my Home

If you are in the market for new siding or think it is time to update the siding on your home, you may have lots of questions. One of those questions might be ‘if I replace my siding, what is the timeline of the project and how will it affect my day-to-day life?’ Having this concern is common and normal. When owning a home, you should not have to replace your siding very often (every 20-40 years). This is why it is often hard to know what replacing your siding will look like since you have either never had it done or haven’t had it done in a while. At Voyager, we want to inform you and be transparent about what siding replacement looks like and how it can affect your day-to-day. If you decide to replace your home’s siding with us, this is what the general timeline will be like:

Drop Off Materials/Dumpster

After you have decided to re-side your home, we will order the materials, a dumpster, and a Porta-Potty. We will work with you to have each of these items delivered to your home and in the proper spot, to ensure we stay out of the way.

voyager pickup truck and porta potty on a clean siding jobsite

Protect Your Home/Yard

Next up we take steps to protect your home and yard before we start removing your existing siding. We put down a protective covering over the yard and landscape to make sure we take care of your property.

Remove Existing Siding

After we have protected your landscape, we will begin to remove your existing siding. As we remove your siding, we bring it to the dumpster to make sure your yard stays clean and clear of debris.

Install Plastic House Wrap

After the original siding on your home is removed, we then begin to wrap your home with a protective layer of plastic. This layer helps keep moisture out, to keep the home beneath the siding dry.

Wrap Windows/Doors

As we wrap your house we can also wrap the windows and doors of your home to make sure moisture and air does not leak into your home.

Install Soffits/Fascia

If you decide to have new soffits and fascia installed, we will install them next. These two items go on the underside and outer portion of the roof that overhangs the home’s exterior.

Install New Siding

Next up is the exciting part. We install the siding of your choice, whether that is Fiber Cement, Engineered Wood, or Vinyl. This part is when your home transformation starts to come to life.

new brown siding on a residential home with a beautiful yard on a summer day

Caulking the Seams

After the siding is installed, we go over the entire house and line the seams of the siding with caulking that matches your new siding color. This step helps prevent any moisture from getting under your new siding.

Finishing Touches

After the siding has been installed, we put on the final touches to make sure your new siding looks exactly how you imagined.

Final Clean-Up

After all of the finishing touches are done, we begin to clean up our ladders, materials, and tools. The dumpster and the Porta Potty will be removed and all you are left with is a stunning home with brand new siding.

After all of these steps, you are left with a beautiful home. If you have more questions about re-siding your home give us a call. If you’d like to see some of our recent siding work, check out our portfolio!

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