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How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Roof? (By Material)

Replacing your roof may not be the best for your wallet, but it is often necessary. If you have had recent storm damage, prolonged wear, and tear over the years, or missing shingles, replacing your roof can be the difference between an unsafe home and a sturdy house. 

However, you need to remember that the new roof cost will vary depending on the material type. If you want to save money, you can purchase inexpensive material with fewer roof replacement costs. If you want to purchase a long-term investment, consider buying a more durable option that can increase your roof’s lifespan.

Overall, the average cost of roof replacement is just over $9,000, with most property owners spending between $5.5k and $12.5k on a new roof. Since the roof is a vital part of any building’s structure, the higher price is understandable. 

The total price of a roof replacement depends on the size of the roof, material, labor costs, and location. Let’s see the prices of a new roof based on the specific type of material.

Roofing Material Types

Different roofing materials can significantly influence how much you might spend on a roof replacement. Let’s go over the basics of each roofing material:

asphalt brown roof shingles after replacement
  • Asphalt shingles: Low-cost, various styles, and color choices, easy installation, lightweight
  • Tile: Expensive, durable, quick repairs, variety of styles and colors
  • Wood shake: Classic look, ample maintenance required, susceptible to wet weather, natural appearance
  • Metal: Very durable against insect and weather damage
  • Stone: High-end, luxurious, expensive, very durable, insulative 

Now that you know the basics of roofing materials, let’s see the average cost of clay tiles, metal roofs, basic asphalt shingles, slate roofing, and other materials.

Cost of Asphalt Roof Replacement

The average roof cost of asphalt shingles is between $5.5k and $12.7k. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular material types due to easy installation, a wide variety of colors and styles, ample thickness, and lightweight nature. If you decide to replace an entire roof, a new asphalt shingle roof typically ranges between $2,000 and $4,000. 

Cost of Wood Roof Replacement 

The next type of roof common for many homes around the country is wood shakes. Wood costs upwards of $27k to repair, with the average coming to around $16k. This natural wood roof is sleek, aesthetic, low-maintenance, and easy to install. 

However, homeowners need to keep in mind that some insurance companies may not cover the price of installing a new wood roof due to the fire prevalence

Cost of Metal Roof Replacement

roof panels on metal roof after replacement

Numerous kinds of metal roofs can work for your home, such as steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, or tin. The average price of installing a new metal roof reaches upward of $16k, with the low end coming to around $5.5k. 

Metal roofs are a smart option for homeowners who want a durable and weather-protective option that will last multiple years. Although the roof cost is higher at the onset, the long lifespan of metal material leads to a bigger return on investment as the years go on. 

Cost of Tile Roof Replacement

A tile roof is one of the more expensive options to choose from. The replacement can reach as high as $30,000, whereas the average usually ranges between $8k and $25k. The benefits of tile are that the roof is durable, easy to repair, and aesthetically pleasing.  

Cost of Stone or Slate Roof Replacement 

The new roof costs for stone or slate range between $5k and $22k, depending on whether the homeowner chooses to use stone or slate. Although this is an expensive choice, the material lasts multiple decades. 

Let’s check out the average price of replacement squares, or shingles, per material type.

Roofing MaterialCost per Square Foot
Corrugated metal $6.50-$10.00
Galvanized steel $8-12.50
Concrete $11-$20

What affects the total roof replacement cost?

There are a few key criteria that affect the total price of a roof replacement:

homeowner calls roofing contractors for roof replacement
  • Labor costs: The usual labor price is between $1.50 and $3.00 per roofing square. Still, the exact price depends on the roofing contractor, square foot measurement, roof inspection, homeowner’s insurance, and roof pitch.
  • Damage: The next factor that can influence the roof replacement price is the extent of the damage. If there is ample rotting, weather decay, and broken shingles, this can make the job more expensive and time-consuming.
  • Environment: Working in harsh weather, such as long periods of rain, snow, or wind, can make the job much more difficult. Furthermore, the roof accessibility, like the roof features and flat roof slope, can affect the replacement costs.
  • Material removal: Professional roofers may need to remove old material on the roof to install the new roof. The removal can range from replacing a few shingles to a partial roof replacement. This can make the entire roof installation more expensive for most homeowners. 

Average Roof Replacement Cost

The roofing costs depend on the material, location, and labor prices. 

Roofing Replacement Cost$


One of the biggest factors that can influence the roof replacement cost is the type of material. Asphalt, steel, and aluminum tiles are the least expensive, slate and concrete are the middle of the line, and wood shakes are the most expensive options. 

Other customers also choose metal panels or steel sheeting. These are the least expensive choice, although the least durable, coming in between $1 and $25 per square foot. For those who want a more long-lasting option, ethylene propylene or wood is the best option. 


If your roof is located in a hard-to-reach area or in an area with extreme weather, it may increase the professional roof inspection cost. The roof accessibility can affect how much local roofing contractors will charge you.

Labor Costs

Labor costs can significantly influence the roofing cost of replacing your existing roof. The average price for a roofing project comes to 60% for labor and professional roofer work, and the remainder of the money goes toward common roofing materials.

Furthermore, if you need a professional from a roofing company to do an old roof removal, such as removing architectural shingles and concrete tiles or performing roof repairs, this can cost more money. Repairing the underlayment has to happen before you can move on to replacing the roof.

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