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How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost In 2023?

How much can you expect to pay for a roof inspection in 2023? The average comes to $215, with the national range between $120 and $321 depending on a variety of factors. 

But why do you need a roof inspection? In short, the roof is one of the most important structures of your home or building. Without a roof, the elements would come inside and hurt your personal property and the tenants living there. 

A roof inspection is a must-do so a professional can examine the house, stay up to date on routine maintenance, and identify any problem areas.

A roof inspection is a typical evaluation done by a professional who can determine the roof’s quality, the material’s lifespan, and whether the roof must be repaired or replaced. 

The main factors that influence how much a roof inspection can cost include the size of the property, size of the roof, type of inspection, labor costs, detail of the inspection, and labor time. 

What To Look For During A Roof Inspection

If you hire a roofing contractor to analyze your house, make sure they look for these few things during the roof inspection:


vents on roof leading to attic ventilation

Your contractor should check your home’s roof vents during the attic inspection, which can help reduce mildew and mold build-up. Increasing ventilation can help prevent trapped hot air, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and lengthen the roof’s life span.

A contractor will do a hands-on inspection of the attic to ensure air is coming in and out of the house. 

Roof layers

Another aspect of the roof the contractor will inspect is the number and standard of roofing layers on the home. Homeowners need to remove existing layers during their diy roof inspection to avoid putting new roofing material over deteriorating shingles.

If your roof has asphalt shingles, the contractor will have to perform a physical roof inspection (i.e., infrared roofing inspection, drone roof inspections, etc) and create an inspection report.

Roof decking

Homeowners must ensure the contractor performs a structural inspection of their roof decking and sheathing to determine the foundation and lifespan of their roofing system.


If your roof has already been on the home for over 20 years, you might consider getting a new roof even if there is no immediate damage. However, suppose your old roof was properly installed and features a lifespan of 50-100 years. In that case, you can keep it and complete a simple repair. 

Contractors will analyze the quality of the shingles, looking for any cracks or holes, to see if a replacement is required. 

Condition of Extra Features

Suppose you have extra features on your roof, like a chimney or skylight. In that case, your roofing contractor should analyze the quality of these features during the roof inspection. 

For pipes, they will look for cracks. To analyze the skylights, they will check the seals. Regarding a chimney, the contractor will monitor the condition of the flashing and mortar. 

Roof Flashing Durability 

flashing on chimney inspected on roof

Roof flashing is a type of metal material used against shingles. Contractors will analyze the lifespan of the roof flashing during the roof inspection to identify any questions or areas of concern. 

Factors Influencing Roof Inspections

There are certain factors to keep in mind which can influence the cost of a roof inspection.

Square Footage

One of the main factors that can change the roof inspection cost is the square foot measurement of the property. If you have a bigger roof, it means more space to cover and more time for the contractor. 


Suppose your entire roof is damaged, including the underlayment and shingles. In that case, this can drastically increase the physical inspection cost when compared to minor repairs or missing shingles. 

Shingle Type

Certain roofing materials and shingles can influence the roofing inspection costs. For example, asphalt shingles are lower than the national average cost of other roof materials, such as ethylene-propylene roofing. 


A sloped roof provides more of a challenge to a roof inspector than a flat angle. Therefore, a sloped roof that is less accessible than a flat roof will have a higher average roof inspection cost.  Easily accessible roofs are easier for roof inspectors to perform the roof certification.


You can opt to pay for certification in addition to your roof inspection. The certification will add upwards of $200 to the inspection to obtain a certification and warranty on the roof.  

Inspection Type

A contractor can choose one of three methods to do the roof inspection — manual/physician, infrared, or drone. The overall price of an inspection will vary based on the inspection type. 

drone used for residential roof inspection
  • Physical — The average price of a home inspection is between $75 and $200, which includes checks for decay, water damage, insects, leaks, mold, moss, and decay. The inspection fee will vary depending on the roof inspector, roof certification, and insurance company.
  • Drone — Drone roof inspection costs usually run between $150 and $400 for the inspection, photos, and documentation. However, keep in mind that not all roof inspections are the same. A drone inspection with a roof certification is more time-consuming for the roof inspector.
  • Infrared — Infrared roof inspection costs between $400 and $600 due to the enhanced technology. Infrared can identify leaks and cracks much quicker than other roof inspections.

When Should I Get A Roof Inspection?

There are specific warning signs and telltale criteria for when most homeowners should have their roof inspected to ensure the security and safety of their homes. 

  • You are purchasing a new home or selling a property
  • You live in a wet climate/stormy area and are about to enter storm season
  • You think there is damage to your roof already (check your roof’s condition)
  • Immediately after a large storm (i.e., flood, hurricane, wind storm, etc.) 

How Can I Find A Certified Roofing Contractor?

The last thing you want to do is hire a contractor, only to find out they are not trustworthy to perform a professional roof inspection. The best way to find well-respected roof inspection services is to use the National Roofing Contractors Association to identify local roof inspectors, read online reviews, and read satisfaction ratings from past clients. 

Once you find a contractor who you can trust, consider sticking with this contractor every year to put your mind at ease, build a good relationship with the professional roof inspector, and find a person who knows the quality and typical health of your house’s roof. 

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