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How To Match Your Roof and House Colors [Pictures]

Are you looking to get a new roof and new siding for your home? If so, you’ll need to consider different house and roof color combinations to determine the right color combination that will improve your home’s curb appeal. 

Which roof color do you prefer? You’ll need to think about the benefits of a dark gray roof, a green roof, or a blue roof. What combination will work with blue siding, green siding, or dark brown siding? 

In the guide below, you will learn whether warm colors or cool colors work best for your home. Essentially, you’ll get a better idea of the roof color combinations that will look good in your neighborhood. Are you ready to find out more? Then, let’s get started!

House and Roof Color Combinations To Consider

The color of your exterior can play a significant role in how appealing your house looks to the eye. That’s a crucial part of curb appeal for those looking to sell their house in the future. When choosing the siding colors and roof colors, you will need to consider multiple factors. 

Essentially, you’ll need to ensure the roofing material you choose comes in a color that looks good with the color palette of your house siding. Further, you’ll need to ensure that your home’s colors match that of your neighborhood and don’t stand out too much, especially if you have an HOA in your area.

The top roof and house color combinations to consider include the following:

beige house color matched with grey shingles
  • Beige house siding with a gray roof
  • Blue siding colors with a dark green roof or a gray roof
  • Red brick houses with dark gray or dark brown roofs
  • Blue house siding with a black roof
  • White houses with black roofs
  • White siding with a dark blue roof

How To Choose the Right House and Roof Color Combinations for Your Home

When you’re changing your home exterior, you will need to consider choosing a more subtle appearance if you have an HOA in your neighborhood and want to sell your property. However, if you prefer dramatic exteriors and plan to live in your home for decades to come, you can choose bold or bright colors along with a warm-toned roof. 

Generally, we advise you to combine a darker roof with dark gray siding. Essentially, a cool tone should align with other cool colors. Coincidentally, you should pair warm tones with warm colors.

How To Improve Curb Appeal With the Best Color Combinations

Your home’s curb appeal will depend on the color combination of your wood siding and roofing color. Furthermore, you can boost curb appeal with yellow landscaping flowers, bushes, and a mowed lawn.

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to combine warm colors with other warm hues or cool colors with similar ones. Warm colors are usually yellow, red, orange, and brown with gold accent colors. Cool tones, however, usually align with green, white, purple, or blue hues. A yellow door can also work great with a warm color scheme. 

Design Theories for Choosing the Roof Shingle Color

If your siding has a lighter shade, you may want to choose dark blue or dark green roof shingles. For instance, the darker shade or charcoal roof shingles align well with white house siding. 

white siding color matched with dark asphalt shingles

The main exterior design theories dictate combining the roof shingle color with the general theme and style of the house. For example, lighter brown asphalt shingles work well with a traditional, rustic property. 

The Top Roof and Siding Color Trends in 2023

The most contemporary roof and siding color trends in 2023 involve a colored metal roof with a dark siding color, such as dark green siding. Today, you can even pick a triadic color scheme, as multidimensional colors and roof materials are trending. You can also choose a bold front door color.

The most popular color trends for your home’s exterior in 2023 include:

  • A muted gray roof with light gray siding
  • A white house with a black roof
  • A charcoal roof with dark gray siding
  • A brown roof with wood siding and wood accents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out a few answers to the most common questions regarding roof and siding color combinations. 

Should the roof be lighter or darker than the house?

When you pick your roofing colors, you will want to contrast them with the siding color. Essentially, you need to choose different shades between the siding and roof. However, your roof doesn’t have to end up darker than the rest of the house.

You can pick a lighter roof color and dark colors for the siding. Otherwise, you can choose a dark-colored roof as long as your siding has a lighter shade.

What is the most popular roof color in 2023?

The most popular existing roof shingle colors in 2023 include green hues, dark brown tones, light brown shades, blue colors, and off-white hues.

What is the best color for a roof?

light brown shingles to match siding color

Along with choosing the right color combination, the appeal of your home’s exterior also depends on the roof colors. A few of the best roof colors on the market include a dark brown roof in cooler climates or a beige roof color for warmer temperatures. Blue and green roof shingle colors, off-white shades like tan-colored roofs, and roof shingles in light-brown tones are also popular options.

How do you color-coordinate roof and siding?

The architectural style of your home will help dictate how to color-coordinate the siding and roofing color. You will also want to combine cooler-colored roof shingles with other cool shades, such as a white trim. Also, add warmer colors to a warm-toned roof.

Wrap Up

So, what house and roof color combinations have you decided on? You will also need to consider the color of your window trim and siding, as these should either have a lighter or darker shade than the roof shingles. For instance, houses that are a light green color look great with gray slate roofs.

Enjoy fixing up your home and improving its curb appeal. The new colors will make it look like a brand-new house!

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